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Annuk Process

The Annuk Process

So how we do it?
We have a process like no other - The Annuk Process.

The Annuk Process™ is flexible and can be applied to any type of project at any stage in the Project life cycle. The Annuk Process™ starts by focusing what your business could be and how Annuk's solutions can help to create this vision. The result is a strategy that addresses your business solutions, the creative direction for these solutions and the technology for implementing them.

The Annuk Process™ uses a state of the art object oriented development approach. This speeds up the analysis and design stages of a project and delivers solutions that are easy to maintain and enhance. The Annuk Process™ uses a component-based approach to design and development. Reusable components that Annuk has developed on prior projects are merged with custom-built components in developing the solution. This improves delivery time and the overall quality of the solution.

The Annuk Process™ incorporates a unique approach to the creative design for business solutions. We also concentrate on the usability aspects of a solution which is important for any type of solution. While we use modern approaches and techniques, we also follow a very rigorous approach to solution delivery and specifically address:

:: Security- To ensure your valuable information is only used by the right people
:: Scalability - To ensure that your solutions continue to perform as your business expands, and
:: Stability- To ensure that your solution is available when and where it is needed

This means we focus on your needs and deliver business solutions, built using the best technology, to make you a market leader.



The Annuk Process

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